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What are some ways to stop people from getting defensive in conversations?Check out this Wallace and Wallace Healing Center’s Tip of the Day!! Click on the vid below to find out what Tip of the Day is! Please like and share and most importantly leave a comment letting us know if you tried our Tip of the Day and how it worked for you!...

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Welcome to the journey. I look forward to walking with you!

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In 2008, Dr. Richard Twiss laid hands on me and said I needed to press into my heritage as an Afro-Indigenous person. Those words launched me on a journey of ethnic identity that included learning how my people, both the African ancestors and the Choctaw ones, helped people by engaging the land around them. I quickly got involved with gardening. I had the honor of learning from Master Gardeners like Mr. Allen Keesee, a Lumbee, and others who...


A unique marker for Wallace and Wallace Healing Center is that we offer both clinical aromatherapy and psychotherapy in the same practice. Why do we do this? How are the two related? Allow me to connect the dots.

Mental health evokes images of our brain. The reality is that it is actually a whole body phenomena. Each of our body systems is controlled by the brain, but if there isn't homeostasis, or balance, in our bodies, then we are...


We, too often, take rest for granted. However, it is actually a gift that is meant to lead us to wellness. Various leaders, from both the medical and the mental health fields, are trying to help us realize the importance that rest plays in our physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Someone once told me that, in the Jewish mindset, the day begins at sundown not sunrise. We can miss the importance of this, but the reality is that we...


Stress is an inevitable part of life, but how we address it is controllable. This week we focus on this nefarious word and look at ways we can take care of ourselves.

Our bodies are designed by God to react to outside stimuli to keep us safe. For instance, if a lion is charging at you, your brain will release Cortisol, a hormone that will prepare your body to fight the lion, or to run. Now, hopefully, most of you are not having to...

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For too long has the field of aromatherapy been relegated to spiritualists and practitioners of the New Age Movement. The truth is aromatherapy has been a part of God's design for worship since the beginning of worship.

The Enlightenment robbed us of something important in worship: the unity of all our senses. The elevation of the mind over sight, touch, taste, and smell made our ability to worship anaemic. But the reality is God...


When we walk in the woods skincare protection is all around us. We just have to see it.

As I walked down the trail and noticed the flowers pressing hard to reclaim the path space, I wondered "what is that good for?" So as I am apt to do nowadays, I whipped out my plant identification app (because I am an herbalist at heart) and snapped a quick picture of the plant. The winner today: Goldenrod! Now, I know Goldenrod gets a bad wrap for...